I demoted myself from my job

I recently demoted myself from working a 9-5 so that I can follow my dreams of building whitneysnaturals, selling my natural juices, building GGA & my brand.

This was not a hard decision at all, I thought it would be, but it wasn't. I was actually relieved and happy when doing so because my personal growth always mattered more to me then money. 

In fact one time a long time ago I worked at a call center and made the most money I had ever made up until that point, and I was so dissatisfied. I remember I was working long shifts I was not allowed to use my phone as we were dealing with sensitive information. So I would legit sit there for 8.5 hours sometimes more (because you couldn't leave until you finished your3 last phone call) & it was so depressing to me that I couldn't dedicate time for my personal growth. So I made the decision to quit the job & find something that would allow me the opportunity to build while also balancing being an employee. 

You see, the beauty of life is that what is meant and what is aligned for you will always find its way. You can do anything possible to stray away from that but life has a way of aligning you with your purpose. 

Before taking the leap of reducing your hours at your 9-5 you have to make sure that you are financially capable of paying off your bills, try to save some $$ and don't force it. You will naturally feel confident to make big decisions within time. 

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I love that I did the same thing after I started my natural hair care line. I was so unhappy at my job and I was definitely lead by God. It gave me an opportunity to really focus on my business without being overwhelmed and literally God took care of the rest. But congrats to you that’s beautiful! 🥰

Shyasha Cruz April 18, 2022

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