I like to say the best and healthiest juices for you are the ones you dislike the most which we can likely agree its the green juice. In the beginning of my juicing journey I dreaded having green juice simply because you taste all the vegetables. However once you build the strength to continue drinking it you actually learn to love it and at this point I’d much rather have that then any other drink. This is my favorite recipe for green juice it is very simple, tasteful and easy to make!


  • Handful of kale
  • 2 green apples 
  • one cucumber
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • 1/2 of a lemon 
  • 1 inch of a ginger slice 


How to: 

First wash all of your produce in cold water! Afterwards on a cutting board be sure to cut the apples into pieces that will fit into your juicers. Peal the lemon and ginger and cut the cucumber into sizes that again will fit into your juicer. 

When juicing greens I like to add a few pieces of kale then a few slices of the apple. Ill repeat again with some more kale then a slice of cucumber this way it ensures you’re getting all of your greens. 

Once you’re finished juicing you can either strain juice or leave it as is! I personally like to strain it to get that watery consistensy however it does not matter. 

Place in a mason jar or cup of your preference and enjoy! :) 


First of all kale is the holy grail of greens it is high in antioxidants, vitamin C, K, A, it helps lower cholesterol levels, reduces risks of heart disease, helps clear skin, encourages hair growth. You will also find that all of these vegetables share the same benefits which is what allows this juice to be that much more powerful! But I’ll mention more benefits anyway :) Green apples are also high in vitamin C, promotes a healthy glowing skin, fights acne, & fights wrinkles. Cucumbers (one of my favoriteeeee fruits) helps keep you hydrated, promotes weight loss (by making you feel fuller longer) like kale it contains antioxidants which help fight against free radicals. Cucumbers also helps lower blood pressure, encourages healthy glowing skin and due to the vitamin K content in the thirst quenching juice it helps strengthen your bones! Celery is known to prevent cancer, also lowers cholesterol, high in fiber which helps prevent any digestive issues, celery juice also hydrates your skin, promotes young glowing skin and aids in weight loss due to it being low in calories and keeps you feeling fuller longer. Lemons you guessed it are also high in vitamin C, reduces risks to several diseases such as cardiovascular disease, lowers blood sugar levels, improves the quality of the skin, like the other vegetables I mentioned it also helps aid in weight loss, digestion, you would also be surprised (or not surprised) to know that it helps freshen your breath. In addition lemons help prevent kidney stones!! Last but never EVER least ginger- With some of the strongest medicinal properties ginger has been known to be traditionally used to help those suffering from digestion issues, helps reduce nausea, and fight things such as the flu and common cold. Consequently ginger helps lower blood sugar levels, improves brain function and protects you against Alzheimer’s disease. It also contains antibacterial properties and my favorite benefit of all is that it helps you grow longer, and fuller hair. (You can also find ginger in one of my best selling hair products called REVIVE.) 

Overallllll- This is a vitamin filled RICH juice that should be incoorporated into your daily health routine if not everyday then most days out of the week. 


Please! let me know if you try this recipe how did it taste, how did you feel, will you try it again? And if you have your own favorite juice recipes LET ME KNOW I love learning new ways to encourage a healthy life. 

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