What you need to start your juicing journey

3 Steps to starting your juicing journey!

    You’re likely here because your are interested in improving your health, want to loose weight, or simply want to try this juicing lifestyle everyone keeps talking about. Well you’re at the right place because I legit juice for life. Juicing has been part of my lifestyle since I could remember partially due to my moms obsession of teaching me the importance of caring for your body from within. Through my personal juicing journey I have grown a profound love for fruits and vegetables, I notice I am more energetic, positive, alert, active, happy I have the best memory ever ( and i do believe it has to do with what I eat daily.) If you aspire to attain those qualities through juicing stay tuned as I reveal the four easy steps to starting your juicing lifestyle. 


    Step 1: Buy a juicer! 

    My very first juicer was a centrifugal juicer for $30 from walmart which did the job! (Centrifugal juicers- which uses a fast spinning technique to grind the juice) After several months it wasn’t working as well but it was a great start for me financially. After doing a ton of research I chose to invest in an acok juicer form amazon which is a masticating juicer. (Masticating juicer- slowly grinds the pulp to extract the MOST juice it can from the produce *preffered by most*) Getting a juicer is imperative to starting your journey because its what you need to make the juice. Whether you get a $30 one now a more expensive one later it is ultimately an investment towards your health that should be made regardless so quit procrastinating and purchase the juicer. (Also checkout my review for the acok juicers linked below) 


    Step 2: Go to your local Farmers market, or public market. (If you don’t have either then go to your supermarket of your choice) 

    The basic vegetables you will need to start your juicing journey are as follow: 

    1. Carrots
    2. Apples
    3. Kale
    4. Cucumber
    5. Beats
    6. Lemon
    7. Ginger
    8. Celery 
    9. Oranges 
    10. Pineapple (If you absolutelyyyy have to have the sweetness) 

    I loveeee and HIGHLY recomend everyone to shop at their local farmers and public market not only are you supporting local business owners but you’re likely going to get freshly home grown produce which is a WIN. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables you can also expect for the prices to be exceptionally low for example what I can buy at a local supermarket for $40 I spend $25 at a farmers market its amazing! 

    Step 3: Invest in mason jars

    I love mason jars not only am I not endorsing plastic, I get to reuse these over and over and over again. I get mine typically at walmart or amazon for about $10. I personally have the 16oz and 32oz jars. The case typically comes with 9 bottles depending on the case size. Another benefit to mason jars is that you get to juice prep for the week, in addition you get to carry your juice around in a sealed container everywhere you go. 

     Juice Recipes to start you off with the list given above:

    Green Juice- 

    • kale
    • cucumber
    • celery
    • lemon 
    • Ginger 
    • Pineapples (optional)

    Beat Juice- 

    • Apples
    • Beats
    • Carrots
    • lemon
    • ginger
    • Pineapple (optional)

    Immune Boost- 

    • Apples 
    • Carrots
    • oranges
    • lemon 
    • ginger
    • Pineapple (optional) 

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