Best products for ALL skin types

Okay, so, when I Launched WHITNEYSNATURALS I started with making products that targeted specific skin & hair concerns such as hair loss, growth, troubled skin and so on. It wasn't until I met one of my now best friends who has close to porcelain skin honestly (don't we all wish we were blessed with perfect skin

😩) I digress. 

Well she wanted to support my business however she honestly did not need products for acne, or dry skin so instantly a light bulb switched and I knew that I needed to formulate products that were also friendly to those who just want to maintain a healthy regimen without causing discomfort or actually targeting a specific skin concern. & That is when my Lavender & orange blossom face moisturizer came to fruition.

Quickly, I began to brainstorm, on ingredients I knew to be gentle, balancing & promoted healthy skin without compromising its current state. Instantly oils like lavender, neroli, & orchid came to mind. All of these ingredients are delicate, balancing, promote youthful glowing skin and are not known to cause discomfort or irritation to the skin.  In fact in an article written by Karen Young Chester titled "What is Neroli oil & how does it benefit your skin" She shares how "neroli oil stimulates skin cells to regenerate, giving it anti-scarring properties."

A few trial & errors later the popular Lavender & Orange blossom face moisturizer joined the WN family of products. 

& so, we put together the following ingredients for those who like Micah, have fairly normal skin & just want products that will continue to promote their already great skin. 



So here is the routine: 

First, we're going to use our hydrating cucumber cleanser to unclog pores, clarify skin & create a smooth clean  canvas for the rest of your routine. Made with hydrating and gentle ingredients such as rosemary extract, honey dew melon, &sunflower oil. All combined will help with relieving irritated skin, reducing redness, treat scars & blemishes + most importantly keep skin nice & moisturized.



Okay babe, secondly, we're going to use our cucumber face toner, spritz all over your skin allowing it to instantly give you a refreshed feeling. Then in upward motion, we'e going to distribute its goodness with a cotton pad. (Skin tip: massaging the cotton pad In upward motion will help prevent sagging skin in the long term, & will promote elasticity this way preventing aging skin.) 


Finally! the last step is applying our rich lavender & orange blossom face moisturizer. This creamy goodness will instantly melt into your skin absorbing almost instantly. This gentle face moisturizer is a favorite as it is great for ALL skin types. Lavender oils help balance combination skin, hydrate dry skin & reduce oil production on acne prone skin. Orange blossom helps tone up the skin, smooths and softens, & leaves behind a beautiful scent.


Now, Micah was kind enough to share her skin care routine using these exact products! Check out the video linked below.

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