Donating to children in the Dominican Republic

If you follow us on social media then you'd know a few months ago I started an initiative to donate school supplies to a school near my grandmothers house In the Dominican Republic. I had chosen the school because I remember seeing it as a child and seeing how poor it was however as I come to DR and visit after 13 years the government has been able to assist them and have the school flourish. So the hunt for another location for me to donate to began, and as I casually discussed that with my aunt she mentioned a church she’s a part of that is very much in need. She called the pastor and told her about our plan and the pastor said she’s been dying to try and gather supplies for the kids in her church and that this was a blessing from God. Instantly I knew this is what was truly meant. 


This experience was so humbling, amazing, and heart warming so thank you guys because if it weren't for the support I receive at WHITNEYSNATURALS I wouldn't have been able to make this come to fruition at this scale. 



She’s the pastor of this church, when my aunt called her to tell her our plan with donating school supplies she cried over the phone, I cried too, she said “ all the other churches have already done events to donate supplies and I’ve been praying everyday to help me get supplies for these kids and then you guys call with this blessing” .
They call her Pastora Lorenzo, she’s been blessing churches for over 20 years, was sent to different churches throughout her life to minister them until they sent her here and she’s never left. She’s helped breath life into many people in her neighborhood through prayer. She told me stories of people in their death beds and how she stuck by their side praying day and night until they were better, like a miracle. The people here praise her and all the children love her. Her dream is to transform this church you see behind her so that she can create a safe haven for all the kids and families in her village. .
Imagine carrying the stress of wanting to help everyone in your community and being just one person? She does it effortlessly. .
She’s the definition of a true angel from God.


Now I didn't  want to wait an entire year before I came back to donate school supplies so I will be coming back this Christmas to provide a memorable holiday for these children and their families. If you are interested in making an impact in these childrens lives copy and paste the link below and help donate towards this cause!





Gracias Whitney’s Harvey por TU esfuerzo y trabajo bendiciones God bless you in name of Jesus thank you

Maria. L Alcantara September 05, 2022

Gracias Whitney’s Harvey por TU esfuerzo y trabajo bendiciones God bless you in name of Jesus thank you

Maria. L Alcantara September 05, 2022

Love your hair product and donation.

God bless!

R.R. June 05, 2021

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