Have you tried or heard about the miraculous powers of Elderberry syrup?

In an effort to fighting the cold and flu and just help boost my immune system during this time I began researching natural remedies and herbs that help do just that. Through my research I came across elderberries and to my surprise the benefits are immense. From helping prevent cold and flu symptoms to aiding in headaches and pain relief I immediately became fascinated with this natural plant. 

Right away, I started formulating my own remedy and finally created this elderberry syrup. Made with real freshly squeezed orange juice, ginger, and cinnamon as well as locally sourced raw honey. & to my surprise this syrup worked wonders for me. I was very sick a few months ago and I started taking the regular medicines that you take when you're sick such as NyQuil, putting Vicks on my chest and having halls every hour. Eventually I realized why haven't I taken my syrup that I had recently made it made no sense why I took so long to take it but I did. I poured 4-5 tablespoons onto a cup of warm water creating a tea and I sipped it slowly. Almost instantly I was able to breath much better, my sinus began to clear and I was feeling way better then I did a few minutes ago.

I'm not going to sale I got better over night but it was very clear that the elderberry syrup was much more effective and faster then the medicines I had been taking. I was also proud to know that it was something natural helping me feel better. 

& that amongst many other reasons is why I recommend all of you to try elderberry for your over all health and wellness. Whether you get it from me or at your local grocery store this is an amazing remedy that is very effective. 

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